We're busy getting ready for the upcoming year of Illuminate, but we're not quite ready to start yet. We'll post plans for our first Illuminate in October/November as soon as they are finalized!

Here are what people are saying about their experiences at Illuminate:

"I felt out of touch with God for about a year and just hearing the music and opening my heart to Jesus made me remember how powerful God's love for me is. How strongly he wants to share my life with Him. It was truly beautiful. I felt like crying"

"The heaviness, the busy-ness, the demands of this life lifted and lightened.
God refreshed me and strengthened me."

"God has touched me through confession. I feel empty, but a good type of empty;
I feel emptied of my sins but also filled with the love of God our father."

"I love the music, it is hitting home"

"God made me more aware of how beautiful and wonderful the Eucharist is.
Through the music and adoration, I found a beauty in adoring the Lord."

"I realized tonight that God has waited for me so long and was just showering
me with His mercy until I came running back to Him."

"This is a side of being Catholic that I've never experienced before"

"God has helped draw me closer to Him, and drawn me to the Sacrament of Confession;
through Adoration."

"I really enjoyed the music; I thought the songs were very powerful"

"Beautiful, beautiful service"